Musicians from Germany & Romania

Vocals: Maria Cojocaru (Hermannstadt/Sibiu - Romania)

I was born in Hermannstadt, … so to say, in the City of Hermann. With magic people, a wonderful place full of inspiration. I was given a wonderful name and step by step I came to love life and to realize it. And to challenge it. This way of life was different to what surrounded me. Later I understood that I was born by the music. I’m inspired by music, nature, people, sports. I love the mountain, it’s colors, the sky, the water and sea … I see art in all it’s crazy creation in which we live.  And I tried to take it all what I felt and to try and understand humanity.

Relationships. Respect. Love. One that I never thought that it was ever going to happen. And the same way I also faced unhappiness. Big ones. But all is part of this crazy game which, in fact, makes our hearts beat. I was born by music and live in my songs. With wonderful people some of them truly professionals. I grew at their side and together with them. This way I learned how complex the sound is.

I learned about vibration and how to reach people with it. How we are influenced by it. And I learned my whole life. This is what I want. This is me: the deepest wish and love of my life. After all, the greatest gift which I got through music, is bringing me to a higher ground. It shall be with endless love. And I quote myself “Choose love & enjoy living” …

Guitars (Lead): Erhard Hügel (Nuremberg - Germany)

Music was my first love ... When I spent my childhood in Transylvania/Romania ... during times of dictatorship, my guitar was kind of an escape for me. New tunes from Radio Free Europe inspired me and my friends back then ... After emigration to the "free world" when trespassing the Iron Curtain I have been given many opportunities for my m music career.

One time I performed with a professional country act in Nasville, US at the "GRAND OLE OPRY". Now with BUERGER7 we build brides back to our roots ... from Germany to TRANSYLVANIA.

Drums: Ovidiu "Chico" Cristian (Bucharest - Romania)

I'm from Arad, Romania and at the age of 5 I fell in love with rythm. It was all my dad’s fault because he played in a rock band. So I was surrounded by musicians … and followed percussions courses at Art School (with professor Peter Kocsef). In this time I performed at countless competitions and also got rewarded e.g. with the „Golden Bear 1999“ with the music group R.A.M. and also the 1st place at the National Music Olympics. During highschool I collaborated with many music projects and also worked with the State Philharmonic Orchestra.

Inspired by professor Mario Florescu I moved to Cluj / Transylvania where I studied at the Music Academy „Gheorghe Dima“ under the lead of Prof. Grigore Pop. During that time I participated in several rock and jazz acts and reached the 2nd and 3rd place at EUROVISION with the bands „Guilty Lemon“ and „Headliner“. Later with the band „Desperado“ we made 3rd place at „Golden Deer“.

Few years ago I moved to Bucharest/Romania where I play with „Dalma“, „Hangover“, „Talisman“, „Paula Seling“ and also accompany hungarian artists at „Erdely broadcast“. Currently I work with Maria Cojocaru and the international project BUERGER7

Guitars (Rhytm): Uwe Pelger (Stuttgart, Germany)

When I was 10 years old I knew exactely how my band would be, but Rock 'n Roll music was not easy to find in Transylvania/Romania during times of dictatorship. My beggig was heard ... and my older sister bought me my first acoustic guitar when I was 13 years old, after we saw Erhard playing in a concert in Medias/Romania. I was motivated to learn new chords and tunes, ... but soon my life drastically changed, but not quite in a bad way... When I turned 18y the Iron Curtain fell.

So far - so good. But over night I left my hometown and was heading for the free west. So did most of my friends and we lost track of each other. Many years ago I met Erhard again in Germany and we decided to write songs and living up old times ... and we started the new band BUERGER7 (which is a wordplay with Siebenbuergen, which is the saxon name of Transsylvania).

Keys / Guitars: Leon Franke (Cologne - Germany)

When I was a child - at the age of four years - I could follow musical notes on a lead sheet before I learned to read or write ... So it was clear to my parents that I took lessons on guitar, keyboard and vocals at "Hochschule für Musik und Tanz" in Cologne. After seven semsters of studying "Music and Media" (Middlessex University London, Campus Cologne) and a final degree as "Bachelor of Arts", I started to teach others on my owen and founded a Music school near Cologne. This is actually what I am doing for a living and furthermore I am the owner of the music studio & label "GSG Records Intl."